Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?

Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?

The welding process helps to join two metal pieces by melting them at high temperature. It is a challenging process. But lightweight metal welding like aluminum needs the utmost precision for creating a strong bond. The art of aluminum welding needs assembling of proper welding tools, patience, exercising caution, and experience. Start with gathering all your welding materials. It is followed by practicing the motion of building and setting up the workspace.

Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?
Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?

Aluminum Welding – 1 -Material Assembly

Tungsten inert gas welding with both DC and ac capability

In this kind of welder, a tungsten electrode along with an inert gas help in shielding the area you want to weld. Critical precision is possible to achieve with a specific welder, especially when working on thin aluminum metal sheets.

  • TIG welding machines are costly. You can contact your local supply store for rental possibilities.
  • Other kinds of welding processes are also available for welding aluminum like MIG welding. But the TIG process is the most efficient method of aluminum welding for beginners.

Aluminum Welding – 2 – Aluminum Filler Rod

This tool helps to use the pieces. Do not use dirty or rusty filler rods because it will lead to poor welding.

  • You can get this kind of roads at home improvement or hardware stores.
  • It is suggested to purchase 5356 or 4043 alloys.
  • Buy a filler rod which is equal to the size of the tungsten electrode.

Argon Gas Canister

In the welding process, argon gas is used for better shielding purposes. High-quality argon oil is a cost-effective solution. Moreover, 3% helium addition can increase the arc stability.

  • It is essential to get gas from unauthorized dealers. Almost every welding supply store can provide you with this gas or refer an authorized gas dealer.
  • If you are working with a rental team builder, purchase the argon canister at the same time in picking up the welding machine.

Always Wear Protective Clothing

Make sure to wear a long and thick fabric shirt. During the welding process, a massive amount of ultraviolet radiation. Hence, if you use short sleeve shirts, it can lead to burns along the arms.

  • Use 100% cotton shirt
  • Avoid wearing pants having cuffs because it can catch the molten metal.

Safety Precaution Is A Must

Always wear a heavy helmet along with the respirator along with a pair of gloves to protect yourself entirely while undergoing the welding method. These elements will help you to protect from radiation, light, fumes, chemical bonds, electric shock, oxides, etc.

Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?
Aluminum Welding: How To Do It?

Safety Check Of The Aluminum Welding Equipment

Avoid using broken, damaged or improper welding equipment because that can be dangerous. You can save your life or prevent injury with just a quick safety check. Before starting with the welding process, spare a few moments to:

  • Replace rusted or dented tanks
  • Check the cords and wires
  • Replace the corroded or cracked parts
  • Double-check connections and hoses

Use helmet having a lens that automatically darkens during the process of welding.

  • Fire-resistant and insulated welding gloves are better choices.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher accessible easily.
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