AWS D1.5 Certificate: What You Need To Know?

What Do You Need To Know About AWS D1.5 Certificate?

The wielding requirements for AASHTO welded highway bridges are covered by AWS D1.5 certificate for decks made from carbon and low-alloy constructional steels. Also, the AWS D1.5 certificate has proportions in metric SI Units and U.S. Customary Units.

A rule book for the supervision of welding in steel construction features in the clauses 1 to 7. Further, the D1.5 code has provisions for clause nine throughout it. It is to notice that clauses 8, 10, and 11 do not contain any provisions. Moreover, clause 12 contains the requirements for fabricating critical fracture members.

What Do You Need To Know About AWS D1.5 Certificate?
What Do You Need To Know About AWS D1.5 Certificate?

Applications Of AWS D1.5 Certificate

Application 1.1.1

The code covers the welding fabrication needs relevant to welded highway bridges. Moreover, it applies to both shop and field fabrication of steel bridges and bridge components.

Application 1.1.2

The fundamental premise of the AWS D1.5 certificate is to provide general terms applicable to any routine bridge situation. Hence, the criteria for acceptance of production welds differ from those described in the code. Unless the proposer suitably documents and allowed by the Engineer. Further, these varying acceptance criteria are based on the assessment of aptness for service using past experience, and experimental proof.

Application 1.1.3

The term ‘Engineer’ here represents the State Bridge Engineer or the agent appointed by the Bridge Engineer. Thus, the Engineer acts on behalf of the State Owne.

Application 1.1.4

The term ‘contractor’ here refers to the person or party responsible for performing the work. Hence, the name relates to the service provider, producer, fabricator, erector, or other party performing the work.

What Do You Need To Know About AWS D1.5 Certificate?
What Do You Need To Know About AWS D1.5 Certificate?

Benefits To Manufacturers With Certification

  • The certificate provides a trustworthy, third-party authentication of welding capability and staff capability.
  • Moreover, it helps in improving the confidence of the client that ultimately reduces the external audits.
  • Further, the authorized quality auditors who are also official weld inspector carry out the assessments.

Benefits For Owners Of Structural Steel Bridges And Steel Building Structures

  • The certification helps in the independent assessment of suppliers.
  • Moreover, it allows the in-detail assessment of fabricator capability.
  • Also, it helps in steady evaluation and uniform presentation of information and data.

Training Requirements

To get the certificate, no mandatory training is required. Further, candidates are only required to go to a seminar or do self-study to become familiar with the course.

Examination Requirements

The candidates wishing to gain an AWS D1.5 certificate requires to pass an open book written test. Moreover, the examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions in 2 hours. Further, the candidate must use the AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code to respond to the questions. Hence, to qualify the examination, the candidate must answer 72% of the questions correctly.

Eligibility Criteria For AWS D1.5 Certificate

For the new entrants, this test may be chosen as the required open codebook examination.

Renewal Requirements

There are no renewal requirements for AWS D1.5 certificate. Thus, the license will be automatically rehabilitated at each CWI renewal or recertification.

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