Welding Machine Guide

Welding Machine

If you are a novice or beginner seeking best Welding Machine, this guide will provide you better understanding and welding experience. It highlights the capabilities, overview of essential functions, and welding process used by top 3 machines in the markets. Go ahead and see whether it matches your welding skill, need and get the specific type of device now.

Thus, you will be able to buy the type of welding machine required for your project and meet your goals. Get financial results with the most effective technology upon completing the project. Don’t forget to get welding gloves, jacket, and helmet as they are protective equipment needed during welding.

Machine Top-Rated

Lotos Ct520d Combo Welding Machine

It is the first and best multipurpose welding machine which allow the welders to plasma cut and DC TIG/Stick weld from the single portable device. The Lotos CT520D blend three functions with 200 A DC TIG welder, 50 A Air Plasma Cutter and 200 A stick welder with switch flipping. Various metal types cutting is possible with plasma cutting function. It offers ½ inch clean-cut and 3/4 inch max severance thickness. With precise cuts and high speed blended with low cost, the cutter becomes suitable for alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and mild steel. It runs directly due to dual voltage facility on 220V 50Hz supply with pigtail use.

Stable plasma cutter ensured by PAPST advanced cooling system with durable performance. The package contains plasma cutting torch, power supply, air filter regulator, consumables, MMA/Stick clamp, pre-industry type D plug, and Tig torch.

Compared to oxy-hydrogen cutting, it is more safe, easy to use, quick, and has a low cost. The “LCS33” and “LCS22” are two plasma cutters in the compatible consumable set. The air filter regulator enables to join air compressor using coupler stand with a different base or acid electrodes.

Lotos Ltpdc2000d Combo Welding Machine

Another multipurpose machine is LTPDC2000D Lotos with dual voltage (50/60 Hz) facility. A non-touch ARC will cut painted, rusty surface, rough surfaces, and generate minimal slag. The technology used in the pilot arc allows the welder to cut with no metal tip touching. Thus, longer consumable life and better cutting quality are ensured. With a max rated cut thickness of ½” and max severance thickness of ¾,” gives DC TIG output and DC/stick output current. The dual voltage enables the machine to run on 110 V 50/60 Hz and 220 V 50/60 Hz using pigtail. The 200 A TIG, 200 A stick welder and 50 A Arc plasma cutter serves as 3 in 1 Combo bonus.

Inverter MIG Welding Machine

MIG machine allows no gas or flux wire and gas to weld steel. It is safe for a home job and has 0.1/1 Kg MIG spool. The input power voltage, input power capacity, and input current took are AC 120/230 ±15%, 4.9 KVA, and 17 A respectively. Whereas output voltage current rating is 24 V and 150 Amps respectively. It offers three main functions, namely, Gas/No gas. 2T/4T, and MIG/MMA. The machine uses Flux core wires. It is lightweight and portable to carry.

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