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Welding Gloves: Get The Best

Welding Gloves

Welding Gloves are an essential part of welding equipment just like the helmet, and the coveralls. Manufacture take care while creating glove design as per the welding process proximity. Worn easily, and sheaths are provided for each finger as well as the thumb. Every welder should have this personal protective equipment as it protects welders from harmful welding hazards. It allows articulation during protection from extreme heat, electrical shock, and infrared radiation. Also, it offers abrasion resistance plus enhanced griping. Want high-quality gloves? Read the full guide.

Welding Gloves On The Top

Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves

It offers excellent heat resistance because it is manufactured using high-grade leather. The soft liner can withstand high temperatures. Some glove features leather reinforced stress points, Kevlar threading, high-grade exterior leather, and fully lined interior. It withstands exposure of spatter, sparks, flames, and heat. Superior comfort provided with straight thumb design and cotton hand liner that improves fingertip and comfort sensitivity. During use, the moisture absorbed by the twill cotton.

Professionals recommend this glove model for high-temperature applications, FCAW, GMAW, and SMAW. It weighs 12.2 ouches and dimension as 13x7x1 inches. The material used is cowhide and available in red and black color options.

Tanox Leather Welding Gloves

It is an all-purpose glove known for protecting arms, fingers, and hands from sharp objects, fire, and heat. It has a dimension for the glove, arm sleeves as 2-16 inches respectively. They are also perfect for gardening, cooking, and more. The welding glove is made using cowhide split leather and has Kevlar stitching. It also has an inner cotton material with reinforcement on palms, hand backs, and fingers for canvas cuffs and movability.

It can withstand wear, heat, and tear as well. Operational use during MIG, TIG welding, and metal casting. With every glove pair, the free bonus is added. The glove protects the welder from spark, rough objects. The satisfaction guarantee is given when working with fire and extreme temperatures. It weighs 1.4 pounds and has dimensions as 17.1×9.1×2.2 inches.

RAPICCA Leather Welding Gloves

The gloves used in BBQ, furnace, Stove, grill, and pot holding. It got insulated with air-isolated foil and Kevlar cotton made in the USA. Unique features like resistance toward extreme heat due to the RAPICCA leather provided that withstand the temperature of about 500 degrees C or 932 degrees F. 100% sweat absorbent provided inside the gloves. Thus, makes it ideal for gripping hot stuff and welding also for burning coal, wood, etc. For forearms, superior security provided with the 16-inch-long glove and 7.5 inches sleeve during hot coal, welding sparks, open flames, and hot steam.

It has double-layered padding on palms, fingers, and hand backs. The gloves are durable and thick, which offer oil resistant, heat resistant, and fire-resistant features. Both men and women can use it at home or work tasks like campfire, fireplace, cooking, and oven. It weighs 1.15 pounds and has dimensions as 8.6×6.1×2.1 inch. The glove is available in blue color. It is best for BBQ, welding, Woodstoves.

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