Welding Hammers Guide

Welding Hammers

Beside a cutting torch, grinder, welding machine, the welder uses a welding hammer in his project. Since welding is a bit sticky, slag forms quickly. Using the best quality hammer slag removal takes less time. Sharp edge dislodge slag that got deposited on the weld surface. The brush at the backside used for wiping away the chips as well as dust formed on the weld surface.

Welding Hammers are an essential tool in addition to leather clothing, gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, and welding helmet. New high-temperature projects must include this protective equipment. Not only this, it is suitable for the home shop as well.

Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammers

The Chipping/Welding Hammer has molded and bonded reduction shock grips that provide both durability and comfort. Vibrations reduced that got produced by the impact during operations. The handle and head both forged in such a way that it looks like one piece with full polishing. Thus, makes it the long-lasting striking tools available in the market. It removes slag from welds and cleans the surface, which means job versatility is assured. It is for the tradesman, the machinists, mechanics, metalworkers, fabricators, blacksmiths, and DIYers. It is best for MIG or SMAW (Stick) weld and worth your money. Since it has quite shape edges on both sides, best for multipurpose uses.

No more hand fatigue with this hammer as it causes less impact on hands thus can withstand impacts. Without feeling tired, you can use it for hours.

Welding Hammer patented with 70% reduced shock grips. Thus, durable and comfortable during work. The USA proudly crafts it using the superior quality of American steel. The item weighs 3.8 ounces and has dimensions as 11x1x7.5 inches. The E3-WC model is available in multi-color and full size. Feels stable and comfortable during the handling.

Pit Bull Chih058 Chipping Hammer

It is a chipping and welding hammer that obliterates slag from weld and easy to clean. It is well-manufactured that makes it sturdy. The chipping hammer features flattened point, dual beveled tail, and a sharp cone-shaped nose. It has a helical shaped barrel spring handle hanged well at hooks. The original version weighs 9.6 ounces and has dimensions as 11.3×5.3×0.8 inches. It manufactures from steel. Barrel spring at the handle absorbs impact and shocks smoothly. It has decent paint finish which keeps it away from rusting and feels lightweight. In case, if it doesn’t have much impact on your budget if you are an occasional welder

It is the right choice if you need a longer chisel fir serious project. Possibly right for medium chipping works.

Hobart 770069 Welding Hammer

It is straight head welding hammer with sturdy wooden handle and a replaceable wire brush. The wire brushes used for cleaning and removing slag from welding surface. The bristles ended using stainless steel. The spring handle absorbs the impact caused on your hands. It is handy for those that hate to wear a welding helmet. Since it is good to build a prolonged working period can be easily attained.

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