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Welding Helmets: Top 3 For Welding

Welding Helmets

One amongst the most dangerous and terrible profession ever known is welding. It requires working along with various light sources such as the infrared light and ultraviolet light. It causes serious eye damage if precautions not taken. The most important protective gear out of all welding wear is welding helmets. If you do TIG, MIG or arc welding, top helmet assistance becomes a necessary choice.

It features adjustable straps, padding inside, and an ergonomic designing that eliminates fatigue. You will feel comfortable when welding with these top 3 welding helmets. In addition to this, it has got side windows for improving field vision. More massive knob for using thick gloves.

Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series

Lincoln Electric 3350 comes with 4C technology with tons of features which are secure. The feature allows you to view more clearly when used in an active or inactive state. The grand setting is perfect for all job types.

All fixed lens inherited in it along with Bandana that can be worn beside the model and carrying bag. This pivoting helmet fits well and allows you to move more comfortably. It weighs four pounds. Mask reduces the tension and pressure on your head. The padded areas & straps are adjustable so that it fits well over your head.

Esab Sentinel A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The darkening helmet features reflective cover lens as well as revolutionary shell designing. The shade range is 5-12 and two amps TIG amperage rating. Also, it has a mode button and external grind. Switching from grind mode to weld mode is frequent. It has a full view screen of 3.93”x2.36” or 9.27 sq. Inches. A feature like eight memory setting and external button for 3-4 shade used for grinding. It weighs 1.4 lbs and reduced neck strain. Color option serves like a bonus.  

Antra Welding Helmet 

It is an excellent upgraded welding helmet with fixed shade glass and googles. The inherited smart chip controls four sensors. Extremely helpful in MMA, MIG, TIG or plasma applications. The false triggering due to fluorescent light or the interference reduces due to interference suppression technology. It has four shade grinding and 5-13 shade variable features.

Welding Helmets Advantages

Provides Protection And Safety

The passive filter combined with auto-dimming shutter offers accurate shade range to visible lights. Protect welders from harmful radiant and has neck coverage protection.


Due to the lightweight, it reduces neck stress and other stress. It eliminates flip up and down and has automatic auto lens for darkening. With easy switching, it becomes convenient for external grinding.


It detects DC TIG and minimizes false triggering because of suppression technology.


The welder can use it in multiple processes of AC TIG, DC, TIG, MMA, MIG welding.


It has an arc sensor with a controlling unit and sensitive detection achieved; thus, offering perfect auto shade and fast switching time. Bypassing the radiant, it avoids eye stress.

These three products mainly used in the metal fabrication industries

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